R and D

Undoubtedly, development is one of the most fundamental needs of organizations to achieve excellence. What is considered to be the most important competitive advantage in organizations for economic purposes is that it proportional to the speed of the world around us.In other words, competition is the main motivation for the growth and development of companies.

In economic enterprises, increased developmental research preserves the economic value, market share and competitive advantage of the organization, which represents the key role of this unit of research and development in organizations (R&D).

The significance of this experience is that to eliminate a business organization in order to stop development research, in this case the main pulse of the organization stops and the possibility of competition and any growth form it will be eliminated.

In this regard, Shahriar Bearing Structures Company has launched its R&D unit in 2014 and has achieved relatively good results in this regard.

The long-term goals of the organization are on the agendam of this unit.