Construction and renovation

Babbitt bearings as the main support of the shaft and the components connected to it are important components in pumps, compressors, generators and turbines. All important industrial units of the country, including power plants, petrochemical industries, refinery industries, oil-rich areas of Iran, aviation industries, oil and gas transmission lines, sugarcane cultivation and industrial complexes are among the most important customers of this collection.


Shahriar Bearing Co., with automatic control machines such as three-and four-shaft CNC milling, CNC lathe and 5-axis Wire-cut, can manufacture with precision parts.

Engineering design

Shahriar Bearing Co., with its experienced engineers and utilizing world`s Day software, is committed to modeling and providing parts map and design of fixture needed for manufacturing process.

Quality control

Shahriyar Bearing Co., with the presence of educated and trained personnel in the field of quality control and utilization of accurate measuring instruments and Dimensioning device CMM and Optic as well as non-destructive tests of penetrating liquid (PT) and ultrasonic (UT) ) All the components are manufactured in terms of dimensions and quality.


Shahriyar Bearing Co., with the help of machining and milling technicians, experienced in the field of construction and reconstruction of sliding bearings (Journal of Bearing, Thrust Bearing, Thrust Journal Bearing Liner Bearing, Tilting Pad, Thrust Pad ...) , Seal types and ... can provide services to all customers.


Casting process in the company of Shahriyar bearing is performed as a centrifuge and in different sizes and capacities and in accordance with the latest standards of the world.